Grew up in Milwaukee, wi

studied psychology & sociology at uw-milwaukee

first person in my family to move out of wi... I've been living in San Francisco since oct 2016


had a job working in schools providing therapy to kids with autism

But, it just wasn't the right fit

and then things fell right into place, I accepted a job on the Talent team with Juul labs before things took off

it was a weird 2 years in my life. But, man, I loved every minute and I learned invaluable lessons

FF to November 2019, me and 500+ others were blindsided with a reduction in force layoff

I spent the next few months literally just vibing

suddenly, I had an endless amount free time + financial stability from severance

and that's really when this all started-- that's why I began taking myself seriously as a photographer

since then, I've moved to the Richmond district of SF, began working as an artists Assistant for an established SF street artist, and I swear to god the list goes on... it's honestly comical

but, to be honest, I'm enjoying every minute

let's see how weird 2020 can get...